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QPercussion® is a well-established business located in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands which was founded in 2004 by Luuk Kranenburg.


Their primary products are the QSticks®, the QSticks® Whisper and the QSticks® Conversation: revolutionary new drumsticks or rods (also known as dowel rods or hot rods), which are used to play at lower volume levels.
The main advantages of the different models of the QSticks® are the versatility in sounds and the durability of the rods.
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QPercussion® Drum Academy - Vlaardingen

In 2011 QPercussion started the QPercussion® Drum Academy. Frustrated by the ever increasing fees and decreasing quality of the lessons at the regular music schools, they decided to do this better. And now they are proving their point every day in a row in the QPercussion® Drum Academy in Vlaardingen.
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