QSticks assortment

The different QSticks® models - Sorts and sizes

QSticks WHISPER (Light Orange)
(Picture 1 & 6)

Available in:Natural and Colored
Grip:a small 7A
Description:The softest concept of the QSticks. Sounds like a brush, but a little stronger. Great soft sound on cymbals. For the real 'whispery' sound. "The sound that wasn't there yet!"

QSticks Yellow
(Picture 2 & 7)

Available in:Natural and Colored
Description:These used to be the softest QSticks until the WHISPER range was developed. However, they sound completely different: a bit 'stronger', especially when used with rim shots.

QSticks Red
(Picture 3 & 8)

Available in:Natural and Colored
Description:Stronger in sound than the QSticks Yellow. Revolutionary triangular grip, which causes the stroke to contact the drumhead with the broad side of the top. This gives a real 'fat' sound.

QSticks Blue
(Picture 4 & 9)

Available in:Natural and Colored
Description:A great 'pointy and funky' sound. Beautiful round tom-sound, articulate/pointy on cymbals, super sound on the snare with rim shots.

QSticks Purple
(Picture 5 & 10)

Available in:Natural and Colored
Description:The thickest QSticks with the highest volume, but still a lot lower in volume than real drumsticks. A sound that lies between real drumsticks and rods, however it is a lot 'warmer'. Super sound on toms. Never heard before!

QSticks CONVERSATION Colored (Purple / Light Orange)

For the first time in the history of the QSticks the Colored and Natural models are different from each other.
Description:Where WHISPER ends CONVERSATION begins.
The rods from the successful QSticks WHISPER, but double the amount. 74 rods in one pair! More body than the QSticks WHISPER. Beautiful warm sound. Less high tones and more 'gritty' than the QSticks Original. A little more 'solid' than the CONVERSATION Natural.


For the first time in the history of the QSticks the Colored and Natural models are different from each other.
Description:The same amount of rods as the CONVERSATION Colored: 74! Because of a different grip an unbelievable 'gritty' sound. More like a heavy brush than the CONVERSATION Colored. Also a great warm sound on toms. Ideal for cajon players!

Additional remarks

All problems that ever occurred with normal rods are now solved by QPercussion. At last there are rods with a much longer durability that produce a great sound on toms and cymbals too. Perfect balance, great bounce and stick control. QSticks are handmade and consist of various types of wood with exceptional quality.

Note: Please take into consideration that you have to play the new QSticks in for approximately 30 minutes before you get the real QSticks sound: because of the two hard layers of lacquer the rods will stick to each other a little. They have to open up first.
For the QSticks CONVERSATION playing in will take longer. The longer you play, the more beautiful it gets.

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